Hi there, I’m Jason

I’ve been a certified* massage therapist practicing bodywork professionally for the last five years, and have been doing massage for friends and family for over a decade.

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I draw upon numerous modalities in my work, most often using techniques from Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and cupping, in addition to some Swedish, Sports, and Acupressure techniques. While the study of massage lends itself to a greater vocabulary and specific practical tools for bodywork, my hands and my heart are what truly guides me.

My office is conveniently located about 4 blocks distance south of the 24th street/Mission BART station in SF, at:

12 Fair Avenue, San Francisco, 94110

(right where Mission and Valencia intersect)

Free street parking is often possible in the neighborhood, but you may have to park a distance away from the office and walk. Please give yourself plenty of extra arrival time.


Bodies hold stories about past experiences, the things we do, and who we are. My practice is built upon listening: to verbal intake, to how your body moves, and to the way bodies speak when they are touched. Sometimes tension in the body is released by digging deep into tissue to work apart muscle adhesions, other times tension may be released just by gentle mobility and holding of a body part. Listening is key to addressing the myriad ways that tension manifests in the body, and the practitioner’s role in helping ease and release tension.


Steady Flow describes the experience of releasing tensions in our physical and emotional bodies steadily over time. Human bodies spend years and years getting wound up with tension from various sources, and addressing these tensions is a healing process, not a quick fix. While a single massage or stretching session may help alleviate some pain and stiffness, TRULY addressing tension in the body requires a longer term commitment. Steady flow is about feeling your tension unwind over time, trusting in the healing process, and knowing that you are worth it and you can do it!


People most often seek massage because they have muscular pain or limited range of motion from repetitive physical activities (like computer use), habitual poor posture from sitting at desks and in cars, or other work or hobby related motions. Other times, people seek massage because they have had a specific injury and need help to rehabilitate their body as muscles, tendon, and bone heal. Emotional stress is also a valid reason to seek massage, as massage can effectively help the body tap into its inner ability to relax and heal.


Humans give a lot and do a lot, and for many of us, it is easier to actively do something (like work, communicate, help out others, etc.) and it is less common for us to relax our body and receive restorative touch. Massage can physically change your body in ways that help recuperate from pain and discomfort, AND it is most effective when both the practitioner and client are participating. Receiving is a skill that must be nurtured so that the work a practitioner gives can be felt and integrated by the body. Consider these statements:
               I am getting massage because I am worth it.
               I am working on receiving because I know healing is possible.
               I am showing up for my own wellness and well-being.
               I can allow myself to sink deeper into relaxation.

Receiving isn’t always easy; for many people (myself included), the art of receiving is a continuous journey of knowing that healing is possible and allowing yourself to feel better. I will gladly meet you and hold space for you wherever you are at on your path of healing and receiving.


My rates are $140—1 hour, $180—90 minutes, $240—2 hours

First time clients receive $25 off their initial session.

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I work and share space with Zoranovich Chiropractic, hence why you will see this name when you book your massage (click private massage, select duration, and select me as your therapist). You will also see the name Zoranovich Chiropractic when you receive your confirmation email for the massage.

Note: I reserve a number sessions (2-4 per month) for people who are economically disadvantaged or experiencing hardship, with rates a sliding scale from $60-$140. If this is you, I request that we talk on the phone before making an appointment. Please reach out to me via phone call, text message, or email to set up a phone appointment.

Phone: (707) 335-9763
Email: Jason@steadyflowbody.com


I am a first time client. Do I need to arrive at my appointment early?
Yes. If you are a first time client, please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled massage so that you can complete first appointment paperwork. If you are able to complete your paperwork online before the session, please still arrive 10 minutes early so that we can review your forms together.

Some of the pressure hurts, but I think it might be the “good” kind of hurt. Should I say something?
Yes, please say something, and we will check in about what pressure may or may not be helpful. Although I will verbally check in with you about pressure, I can’t know what you are thinking or feeling. It is up to you to say something if pressure is too intense or if you have any other concern. The best massages occur when communication between client and practitioner is straightforward and clear.

Do I need to remove all of my clothing?
No, it is not necessary for you to remove all of your clothing. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. I will accommodate your massage as needed.

It is ok if I move around when I am receiving a massage?
Yes, while you are receiving a massage, please adjust your body position if it feels like you need to, or communicate what you need to be in a more comfortable position.

I’m running late. What should I do?
If you are running late, please do not rush, especially if you are driving. You can text or call me to let me know you are running late, but this is not necessary, and I understand that whatever is making you late may be preventing you from using your phone. In general, regardless of what time you arrive, I must end appointments at their scheduled end time. Sometimes, if I do not have another client immediately following, I can be 5-10 minutes flexible, but this is not a guarantee. If you are concerned that you may not be able to make an appointment on time, please reach out via phone call or text to see if it is a possibility to change the appointment time or reschedule for a different day.


Things change, and that is ok! If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please reach out to me directly via call or text (707) 335-9763. As an independent worker, late cancellations rarely give me enough time to schedule other clients, thus my policy is stringent. I do understand that extenuating circumstances happen, though; if for any reason you think you MIGHT miss your appointment, I recommend rescheduling just to be safe.

If you notify me:

At least 24 hours before scheduled appointment—
cancellation/reschedule FREE of charge

Less than 24 hours before scheduled appointment, but still by 8pm the calendar day BEFORE the appointment—
$25 cancellation/reschedule fee

After 8pm the day before or the day of your appointment—
$80 late cancellation/reschedule fee


He knows where to go. Jason is one of the only people who I call when I need my body to feel better. I have had chronic neck pain for years, and it still flares up sometimes, but with his knowledge and patience, Jason has been the only one to figure it out and give me relief. He has been my massage therapist for several years now and he is irreplaceable.
-Cynthia R.

I don’t often get massage because I never know if I can trust the touch and skill of a therapist. As a disabled person with a spasm disorder, I do gain a lot of benefit from massage, but only Massage of the correct type. Jason has wonderful intuition and is able to address my needs without causing additional spasms and discomfort; a rare talent.
-Unckle B.


*CAMTC certification # 45873